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A Full Featured Gas Tracking Solution

Gas Tracking System provides the most complete set of tools required to manage your gas Customer Choice/Natural Gas Transportation Services programs for both residential and commercial customers. Gas Tracking System offers multiple types of natural gas nominations and nomination confirmation features, load profiling/delivery requirements, hourly and daily consumption, rates, imbalance trading, settlement and reconciliation calculations - plus a host of other functionality required for program operations. Through customization, information from both internal and external systems is integrated into a seamless data flow where it is then coordinated and managed through the Gas Tracking System. Automated system emails and text messaging features update users about activities in the Gas Tracking System such as an IntraDay nominations or Customer consumption exceeding peak volumes. Gas Tracking System is a comprehensive system for managing the hourly, daily and monthly operations of your Customer Choice/Natural Gas Transportation Services programs.

GTS - Core Advantages

Gas Tracking System is an on-line, web-based Electronic Bulletin Board (EBB) system developed by Convergence Solutions specifically to assist Natural Gas Utilities with the administration of their Customer Choice/Natural Gas Transportation Services programs.

Gas Tracking System provides a 24/7 portal for your management, staff, business partners and customers to access the information needed hourly, daily and monthly to effectively manage and monitor your Customer Choice/Natural Gas Transportation Services programs.

Gas Tracking System is designed with an open development architecture that allows for complete customization, support and management - a necessity when dealing with the constantly evolving world of Customer Choice/Natural Gas Transportation Services programs.

Full Features and Benefits


  • On-line Daily and Intraday nominations
  • Nomination Confirmation
  • Capacity Allocations and Releases Management
  • Delivery Requirements and Forecasting calculation/presentation
  • Pipeline Allocations management
  • Customer/Pool contract management
  • Daily/Hourly Metered Use repository
  • Rates/Pricing repository
  • Imbalances and Settlement
  • Upstream contract management
  • Storage Management
  • Shipper management
  • Daily and Monthly Imbalance Trading
  • Message board, alerts and messaging
  • Supplier and LDC contact management
  • Supplier Risk Analysis
  • Supplier Billing and Bill Generation
  • Customer Usage Analysis
  • Pipeline BTU management/ reporting
  • Document and Information Postings


  • Web-based 24/7 access Electronic Bulletin Board (EBB) system
  • Interactive with in-house LDC and external data providers systems such as but not limited to custom CIS systems, SAP, Oracle Utilities Customer Care and Billing (CC&B), Metretek, MV90, Oracle MDM, Pricing (Platts), Billing, SCADA, and Pipelines, Weather Services.
  • Communicate up-to-date information to Gas Suppliers 24/7
  • NAESB nomination timeline compliant
  • Extensive report generation
  • Easy technical support and maintenance
  • Flexible integration and customization to meet changing business requirements


  • Cross-platform web application that works across multiple devices including desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones
  • Web application that does not require browser plugins
  • Supported on Internet Explorer, Chrome, FireFox, and Safari
  • All business functions are available through the GTS Web Service API
  • Powered by the .NET framework
  • Supported on Microsoft SQL Server

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