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Gas Tracking System Software

Formed in 2011 to specifically address Customer Choice/Natural Gas Transportation Services solutions, Convergence Solutions brings together the two most experienced Customer Choice/Natural Gas Transportation Services software development companies in the industry, Bridge Technology Systems, Inc. (BTS) and PMT Holdings, Inc. (PMT), as one organization. BTS and PMT began working together in 1995, when New York State first introduced the Gas Customer Choice/Retail Access Program. Ever since then we have been successfully applying proven processes and deep operational expertise to analyze business operations and develop software solutions in support of Natural Gas deregulation at the retail level.

In addition to broad technical expertise, successful software integration projects demand deep industry knowledge and strong partnerships with the business community. Convergence Solutions brings all three of these elements together to meet your needs.

The two companies originally came together to develop and implement a solution to enable a major utility to comply with the NYS Public Service Commission's natural gas deregulation directives. BTS and PMT expanded and enhanced that initial application as it was rolled out by other utility companies, where it is still in use today. Over time, the two companies co-developed a Customer Choice/Natural Gas Transportation Services management solution called Gas Tracking System (GTS). As a result of the co-development of GTS, Convergence Solutions was formed for the express purpose of developing and supporting gas customer choice/retail access systems.

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Convergence Solutions is the next step in the natural progression of BTS and PMT, representing over 30 years of combined experience in developing solutions for the natural gas utility industry. We continue to work extensively with natural gas utilities to provide solutions that meet continuously changing business requirements, uniquely positioning Convergence Solutions to deliver the most cost effective Customer Choice/Natural Gas Transportation Services solutions available to the industry today.

Convergence Solutions provides on-going support for the solutions we have developed and integrated over the past decade. To learn more about the services and software offered by Convergence Solutions, call 315.635.1695 x111 or visit our contact us page to ask us a question.